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The heavy metal enters the body when children breathe the paint dust or fumes in the air. Or when babies put their mouth on painted surfaces or swallow pieces of paint.
This is the fourth day in the case of a man accused of assault with a deadly weapon. We could not bring in a recorder, but the courtroom is mostly quiet except for the lawyers, witnesses and judge talking.
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Today we explain more proverbs. A proverb is a short, well-known saying that expresses a common truth or belief. Proverbs are popular around the world. Many proverbs give advice about how to live. Some proverbs are hundreds of years old, but they are still used today.
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Senator Kennedy -- often known as Ted or Teddy -- was the youngest of four sons born to Rose and Joseph Kennedy. He followed his brothers John and Robert into politics. John became president. Robert became his attorney general, and later a senator. Both were assassinated in the nineteen sixties.
voa慢速英語講解:短篇故事: 卡縣名蛙-馬克吐溫2009-08-30
And Smiley had a little small dog. To look at the dog, you would think he was not worth anything but to sit around and look mean and look for a chance to steal something. But as soon as there was money, he was a different dog. Another dog might attack and throw him around two or three times. Then all of a sudden Smiley's dog would grab that other dog by his back leg and hang on till the men said it was over.
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The government says the United States economy shrank at an annual rate of one percent in April, May and June. The decrease was less than expected, and much less than at the start of the year. The improvement was partly the result of increased government spending.
ArtBabble.org is a Web site filled with hundreds of videos about art, artists and museums. It permits viewers to experience the life of museums in many different forms. Museums and galleries from around the United States have placed their videos on this Web site to help connect viewers with the world of art. Barbara Klein has more.
There were many in the North, however, who thought Scott was too careful. It was true, they said, that Union forces were untrained. But so were those of the South. And the Confederacy's supply problems were even greater than those of the Union. The South had much less industry and fewer railroads. It could not produce as much military equipment, and it could not transport supplies as easily as the North could.
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Six of the ten were published by the CK12 Foundation. Co-founder Neeru Khosla says the nonprofit group had been developing digital science and math books for about two years. The foundation paid teachers and other education professionals to write and edit them. The money came from a group financed by the Khosla family. The AMAR Foundation also supports projects in India.
Death Valley is a land of beautiful yet dangerous extremes. There are mountains that reach more than three thousand meters into the sky. There is a place called Badwater that is the lowest area of land in the Western Hemisphere. If there were water there, it would be eighty-six meters below the level of the ocean.
The next time you think about going without sleep, consider this: Laboratory animals that are kept awake for long periods of time ... die.
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Plants with names like coast fiddleneck, common cocklebur, low larkspur and common groundsel all present risks to people or animals. Recently there was news that a shopper at a market in northern Germany found small amounts of groundsel in bags of mixed salad. The average person would probably not have recognized it, but this person knew about poisonous plants.
Mister Wesley saw the spot near Jupiter's extreme south on July nineteenth. At first, he thought it was the shadow of one of Jupiter's four big moons. He captured images of the spot and studied a picture that he had taken earlier of the same area on Jupiter.
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Instead, some of these children attend what are known as non-formal or informal schools. These are supported by communities, religious groups and other organizations.
Susan Larson still remembers her mother's reaction. Susan was about ten years old, growing up in the Midwest, when she discovered Nancy Drew. She enjoyed the mysteries. But there was something else that she especially enjoyed.
voa慢速英語:Eunice Kennedy Shriver, 1921-2009: She Changed the World ....2009-08-23
Eunice Shriver was best known for creating the Special Olympics, an athletic event for people with mental disabilities. Her efforts changed the way the world thinks about the mentally disabled.
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Pennsylvania's nickname is the Keystone State. Just as a keystone holds together a stone arch, Pennsylvania was seen as holding together the young American republic. Pennsylvania is also sometimes called the Quaker State. Its founder, William Penn, and most of his followers, were members of the Protestant Quaker religion.
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A candidate needs more than fifty percent of the vote to avoid a run-off election. The campaigns of President Hamid Karzai and former foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah both claimed a majority.
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Some investors worry that Americans are not doing enough to lift the world's largest economy out of recession. This is back-to-school season. But the National Retail Federation says school-related sales are down from last year.
Hillenburg took the cartoon idea to officials at the Nickelodeon film and television company. The first show in the SpongeBob SquarePants series was broadcast in nineteen ninety-nine.
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The United States has lost almost seven million jobs since the recession began in December of two thousand seven. The good news: the central bank says economic activity appears to be leveling out.
Years of disagreement between the North and the South finally burst into civil war in April of eighteen sixty-one. Seven states in the South had withdrawn from the Union. Soldiers of the new Confederate States of America shelled the Union base at Fort Sumter, built on an island in Charleston Harbor in South Carolina. They captured Fort Sumter after two days.
There are many national parks and game reserves in Africa where you can go on safari. For example, many tourists visit Kruger National Park in the northeastern area of South Africa.
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The disease kills wheat plants by robbing them of water and nutrients. Stem rust produces reddish-brown spots on the stems of infected plants. The weakened stems break easily. The world's last major outbreak of stem rust took place in the nineteen fifties.
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